Your first appointment will be devoted to learning more about you and your specific dental needs. Dr. Wray will review your medical history to determine if there are medical or health related issues that may affect your dental health and/or dental treatment. Many medications affect the mouth and teeth. Dr. Wray will discuss with you any possible side effects your medications may be having on your oral health. He will also want to know what concerns or questions you make have about your mouth and teeth.


A through oral examination including an exam of the teeth, and oral cancer exam, and an exam of the supportive structures of the teeth (gums and bone) will be completed. Dr. Wray will evaluate your jaw joint and facial muscles to determine their function and how they are related to your bite. Following the examination he will decide the type of x-rays that are needed.


A series of high resolution digital photographs of your teeth are taken at no charge. We have found that these photos provide excellent information that we can share with you.


At the end of the appointment Dr. Wray will discuss his preliminary findings with you. If your case is more complex you may be asked to return for an additional consultation, also at no charge. At the consultation appointment Dr. Wray will display the photos of your teeth on the computer and explain in detail what he sees. If dental treatment is required, all of your treatment options will be explained to you and you will decide which treatment option is right for you.


Please call for a consultation (307)674-7251.